A "Naturalized" American Reader Calls Allan Wall An "Unhappy Gringo", Says He Should Be Drinking With "That Guzzardi Guy"
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11/04/07 - A Texas Reader Isn't So Sure About Fair And Balanced Immigration Coverage

From: Gabriel Rocha (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Blog: Yet Another Mexican Meddling Plan 

I read Señor Wall's letters and memos on VDARE.COM regularly, and as a naturalized American citizen (raised in Mexico) I have just one question for you.

What the hell is Wall doing in Mexico

Con todo respeto, si lo único que tiene que opinar tiene que ver con los aspectos negativos de la política mexicana y de nuestra sociedad en general, ¿por qué no se regresa a los Estados Unidos y se evita tanto disgusto?

[Translation: "With all due respect, if the only thing that you have to say about Mexico has to do with the negative aspects of Mexican politics and of our society in general, why don't you return to the United States and avoid such grief?"]

Maybe Lodi, CA would be a good place for Wall.  He could get together with that guy Guzzardi and they could drink their "lágrimas" (tears) away.

Por favor... tell Wall that the last thing we need in Mexico as we strive to resolve our multiple issues is another unhappy gringo.

Allan Wall responds:  No, I'm not an "unhappy gringo" and apparently Rocha has misunderstood my VDARE.COM articles.

Most of them deal with immigration problems, meddling by the Mexican government, Mexican immigration policy, how immigration to the U.S. is viewed in Mexico, bad U.S. policies, etc. They are not negative indictments of Mexican society in general.

Now I have some questions for Rocha. He says that he is a naturalized American citizen, yet he speaks of "our (Mexican) society" and claims that "the last thing we need in Mexico as we strive to resolve our multiple issues..."

This indicates that Rocha still identifies with Mexico and not the U.S.  Why is that?

Joe Guzzardi adds: We're pleased that Mr. Rocha is a regular visitor to our site. Nothing is more flattering that dedicated readership. Who knows? Perhaps one day, Rocha will see the light. When that happens, he may even become a donor.

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