A Missouri Reader Says Too Many Americans Don't Understand "The Fundamental Importance Of National Sovereignty"
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From: Tim Rice (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "He Can't Win"—How Immigration Reform Patriots Betrayed Duncan Hunter (And Tom Tancredo)

The dilemma is clear—at least to me.    

Immigration reform patriots can rock Capitol Hill by bombarding Congress with faxes, letters, and calls, but they're not strong enough to influence a national election. 

I live in the metropolitan St. Louis and have participated in rallies that could barely attract a small crowd. Car after car passed by, the driver hollering in support or offering thumbs up, but none ever bother to stop to join us or get further information about what they might do to help.   

On the other hand, people who disagree with us will routinely stop on the side of the road to engage in fruitless bickering with strangers.

Too many Americans long ago stopped thinking of their country as anything but an economic entity. They haven't a clue what culture is or what it means to a nation-state. They don't know the significance of borders or the fundamental importance of national sovereignty. Most just don't care. 

That's why Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo never had a chance. 

More Americans need to regain their passion for our nation.

Rice is an IT analyst working for Washington University School of Medicine. He describes himself as "an 18th century man living in a 21st century world."

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