A Midwestern Reader Compares Jan Brewer’s Finger Pointing To Obama’s Assault On Arizona (And America)
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Re: James Fulford's blog item: Jan Brewer Vs. Obama, And "Disrespect" As A Verb]

From: An anonymous Midwestern housewife[Email her]

Can you think of anything more narcissistic?

Jan Brewer points a finger in Obama's face and the whole liberal world stops to shudder over the racist implications.[(Jesse) Jackson to Brewer: 'Keep your finger in your pocket', Chicago Sun-Times, ?January 28, 2012?]

These media types don't even know that Obama just virtually stopped any immigration enforcement next to a failed narco state bleeding desperate masses and criminals. 

They didn't bother finding out that this is destroying the state before they decided for the citizens of Arizona what their fate would be.

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