A Michigan Reader Reports Arrogant, Incompetent H1-Bs
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03/25/09 - An Oregon Reader Reflects On The Demise Of Citigroup

From: Mary McIntosh (email her)

Re: "An Indian Reader Disputes The Cause Of The Depression In Tech Wages; McCoy Replies" By "World Citizen"

I have to take exception to the latest posting of "World Citizen". Frankly, Indians, especially H1-Bs, haven't minded claiming they are needed because citizen workers are, "lazy", "uneducated", "unskilled", and so on. I've read even more disparaging comments about citizen workers by H1-Bs, and Indian owners/management of IT shops in trade publications, blogs and forums.

The H1-Bs I've come into contact with are not up to the jobs they've been given, nor are they better educated or skilled. I've seen examples where Indian H1-Bs have been given a job for which their citizen counterpart would have required a degree with specific certification, but the H1-B had received only two-weeks of "training" with no certification, causing enormous problems and expense.

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