An Indian Reader Disputes The Cause Of The Depression In Tech Wages; McCoy Replies
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03/23/09 - An Irish-American Writer Complains About Anti-Irish Writings

From: "World Citizen" [email her]

Re: "A Montana Reader Summarizes The Consequences Of India's Independence" by Tim McCoy

All I can say in response to Mr. McCoy's letter (dated 3/21/09) is that it stunningly disparages the entire Indian population and their genuine struggle for independence from the British.

Sorry to hear that he holds the Indians responsible for the depression in tech wages. I cannot change his feelings about Indians but hope he also take into account the role of corporations (American, Indian, others) in the depression of tech wages. By directing all his hatred towards the guest workers/immigrants from India, all he is doing is attacking the messenger and not focusing on the real root cause of the issue.

"World Citizen" is an Indian engineer who has worked in various countries including the U.S. See her previous letter here.

Tim McCoy replies: My point was the similarity between the British occupation of India and the Indian occupation of US business offices.

Until the late 90s, the comportment of the newly arriving Indian H1-B's was usually cordial. Most had my sympathy with regards to their new surroundings and, especially, to their terms of employment. The contracts to which some were obligated were simply usurious — these were contracts with their countrymen! The contract money was divided among Indian firms located in India and the U.S., at least one U.S. firm, and lastly, what was left, to the H1-B.

But beginning in the late 90s, many of the recent H1-B's were aggressive, conniving, and had acquired a sense of entitlement.

I continue to believe my living standard was shattered by their arrival on the U.S. shores.

(McCoy, a retired programmer, wrote previously about the need for a political purge and about why Mexicans are always screaming about "racism" and "xenophobia" here and here.)

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