A Miami Native Explains Why Whites Don't Want To Move To "Vibrant" Cities
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Jennifer Rubin Doubles Down on Brooks’ “Dying White America” Smear

From: Delmar Jackson  [Email him]

Sailer quotes Jennifer Rubin [email her] as saying

"Trump’s base would greatly benefit by moving from dead and dying Rust Belt towns to more economically vibrant places."[Trump vs. an America that works, WaPo, February 24, 2017]
I was born in Miami at a time it was a majority white town—many of its residents were working class white families. As the city became multicultural, poor whites were displaced economically and also through violence and intimidation.

There are few places poor whites can live with their children safely in most cities the way poor non-whites do as the non-whites  have enclaves where only they live.

Outside of Boston and a few other places, there are no enclaves of poor white families in "economically vibrant" cities which is why you find so many poor whites in rural areas and trailer parks away from the job opportunities.

Poor white families do not have a dislike for living in urban areas where there are much better jobs and schools, they just prefer their children not being killed or sexually assaulted or molested by non-white  gangs or their kids getting sucked up into gang and drug culture.

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