A Citizen Asks How Immigration Can Elect Local Legislators, We Reply
March 09, 2017, 07:27 AM
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An Anonymous Citizen [Email him]

I understand how the Sailer Strategy and other suggestions would work on a national level, or statewide (immigration, official English, etc.), but how could one touch the right issues if running for state legislative or local office?

What are the local iterations of immigration? In my case, I am considering a run for office in New England. Refugee dumping has been an issue, but there seems to be little state choice in that. What can I do to run on relevant issues and reach the right voters?

James Fulford writes: There are a number of things that state and local officials do to support the immigration invasion that they could stop doing, and in mentioning Refugee Resettlement our reader has hit on something that states can effect—see

  1. The Role of States in the Refugee Resettlement Process
  2. These two states haven’t accepted any new refugees in years
Montana and Wyoming are the two states—the rest of the states are accepting refugees voluntarily.

But everything that immigration effects is local—it's schools, housing, law enforcement, health care, and welfare.

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