A Member Of The GOP's (White, Christian) Base Is Even Less Impressed By The DNC Than The RNC
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From: An Anonymous Member Of The GOP Base [Email him]

Last week I watched the RNC and I wrote to VDARE.com that the RNC had stooped so low to pander to Hispanics with their Spanish speakers and also for showing that they are committed to diversity by having a Sikh priest give the benediction on the second day.

This week the DNC is in full swing at Charlotte, NC. Although I do not support Obama I watched a few talks just out of curiosity. I was not disappointed, but disgusted to the point of wanting to throw my TV set out.

We all know that the Democrats are self-proclaimed immigrant, gay and women's rights advocates and also lovers of diversity. This was the same theme showcased at the convention. They had Sandra Fluke speak about the contraception issue like it is something great to be promiscuous. Yeah right!

Also, in time for September, which is 'Hispanic Heritage month, Benita Veliz, a known Hispanic illegal immigrant is paraded like a heroine on the stage.

Why is she still in this country advocating the rights of law breakers and not in the country she was born in? Cristina Saralegui, a  Cuban immigrant advocated the rights of Hispanic immigrants and also begged the audience and the Hispanics to register to vote for Obama—in two separate websites: one in English and the other in Spanish.

Spanish! Are you kidding me? The last time I checked this is the United States and not Latin America. If this so called Latino Oprah advocates not assimilating, why is she here in this country? Does she support the balkanization of the US into English and Spanish speaking areas

Luis Gutierrez is of Puerto Rican descent, and a Democrat from Chicago, like Barack and Rahm Emmanuel. He has a proven history of advocating the rights of illegal Hispanics. Are Americans so dumb that they elect a man who has no loyalty to the United States, but actually only represents his race, representing them in the US House of representatives. Why is no one, Democrat or Republican, questioning his loyalty to the country?

 I do agree with Pat Buchanan that Puerto Rico should be left alone and no attempt should be made to make it the 51st state. We have Luis to thank for that.

Lastly, the travesty of mocking God at the convention. The first was with Sister Simone Campbell ,a self-proclaimed nun that loves the poor. Should she not be in a habit and following the rules of the Catholic Church?

If she has taken the vows of obedience, then she should be true to that vow. She is nothing but an older version of Sandra Fluke, but with a fancy title like 'Sister'. The United States was founded on Christian principles and the fact that mentioning God and Jerusalem had to be debated can tell us what is wrong with the Democrats.

This is a party where they have openly paraded people who mock God and also the laws of the United States. It would seem that both the Republican party and to a larger extent the Democratic party have stooped low to obtain votes, that they have thrown both Christian principles and Western Values, which made the US great in the garbage bin. I for one, fear for the future of this nation, if we still are a nation by 2016.


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