A Medical Reader Notes Visa Fraud In Hiring Foreign Doctors
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Re James Fulford's Blog: Hewlett-Packard Job Ads–They're Advertising For The Same People They Just Laid Off (Or Almost The Same)

A Reader Writes [Email him]

I wouldn't be surprised if those positions were already filled by cheaper foreigners.

I have seen this in the medical field.

The immigration lawyers put job ads in the paper for positions that are already filled by J-1 (I think) doctors trying to get a green card. In order to get a green card they have to prove they are filling a need.

Seems like a good place for some legislation to prevent fraud.

James Fulford writes: Actually, the problem isn't legislation to prevent fraud, which is already illegal. The problem, as Dr. Norm Matloff keeps insisting, is the loopholes that make displacing American workers perfectly legal.

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