A California Reader Says Little Wonder The State's Food Banks Are Shutting Down
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From: Bob Cobb (e-mail him)

The Orange County Register missed a key point in its story about a local food pantry having to temporarily shut down its operation recently. [South OC Pantry Runs Out Of Food, by Alejandra Molina, Orange County Register, September 5, 2008]

Reporter Molina notes that 20 percent more people are being served—90 new people every month. By the end of the year, South County Outreach will provide for 40,000 people—up from the 2008 total of 33,000.

Any illegal aliens among the group? Are anchor babies represented?

Needy Americans should have access to whatever charities can help them out during their troubled times. But for those who are here illegally, we have done enough to help out.

Please go home.

Cobb works in the intensive care unit of a major metropolitan hospital. His previous letter about denying organ transplants to known criminals is here.

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