A Marriage-Minded Washington State Reader Says If American Women Weren't Such "Gold Diggers," He Wouldn't Be Looking In the Philippines
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From: Ken Asher (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Meet Rose—A Prospective Fiancée Bride Current Working In A Filipino Sex Club

I don't know why Guzzardi has such a problem with American men who want foreign-born brides. And what does he have against the K-1 visa?

The problem with immigration is not American men wanting foreign wife, it's Mexicans jumping the border. The US simply will not defend the border. Men who marry foreign brides are only a tiny percentage of our problem.

Give us guys a break. If American women weren't such gold diggers and so self-absorbed, we wouldn't be looking overseas.

Right now I'm just chatting online with young women from the Philippines. I see nothing wrong with helping someone get a better life if of course they are willing to be a caring wife.

I understand the risk but with America's high divorce rate, I'm willing to take the chance.

American women have lost the sense of what it means to be a good wife.

Joe Guzzardi comments:

The letters pro and con Internet brides keep pouring in.

In 2002, when I wrote my first fiancée bride column, I would have agreed that Mexican border jumpers are a bigger problem than the K-1 visa.

But now, I don't. In the last five years, we have developed a much higher level of illegal immigration awareness, enlightened a more resistant Congress and put systems in place to identify and thwart illegal aliens like E-Verify and 287 (g).

But the visa holders—and I mean all of the non-immigrant visas collectively—are a long-term problem. They arrive legally, bring their extended families and compete for jobs

I note that Washington State's Asian, Hawaiian native and Pacific Island population is seven percent. Perhaps a bride could be found among the available women already here?

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