A Long Beach Reader Reports That Tim Donnelly Is Right About California Being Overrun
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s blog post Immigration Patriot Tim Donnelly Rebuffs Attack, Emerges As GOP Front-Runner For CA. Gov

From: An Anonymous Retired Los Angeles Teacher [Email Him]

I hope Tim Donnelley wins. Living in gay/diversity central Long Beach, CA,  I can testify we are over-run. We cycle along the beach daily in between our vacations and meet many of the new illegal arrivals, very few of whom speak English. Parks and LA river banks are overflowing with homeless. We live on a park that overlooks the ocean, and nightly we hear the most god-awful fights and arguments. The homeless population does seem to be dominated by Anglos, one area where we haven't been displaced. 

Also, in regards to the letter to the editor about DACA (A Reader Says That The Denver Public School System Plans To Hire DACA Illegals As TEACHERS—Whether They’re Qualified As Not):

LAUSD has had such "teach while you credential/train" program for years. However, because the universities didn't want to lose business, it was restricted to those who had scored in the top 10% of the GED in the subject of their teaching field. I went through the program over 30 years ago, when it was almost all white or Jewish. Sounds like Denver’s program for DACA illegals has no such restriction.

See a previous letter from the same reader.

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