A Florida Reader Notes That Even NEW YORK TIMES Readers (!) Are Starting To Get It
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Re: John Derbyshire Says If There Is Hope, It Lies In The Comment Threads

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Wanting less immigration for America can wear a person down. Our side is up against the freakin’ man.

However, I want to tell all who are gloomy to take heart, and spare a moment to read some of the readers’ comments in knee-jerk liberal, open-border, cheap-labor-lobby, boot-licking, anti-American globalist, New York Times:

Hoping for Asylum, Migrants Strain U.S. Border

By Julia Preston. April 10, 2014

I honestly did not spend much time reading the article, I went straight to the comments.

I was all ready to leave my usual pitiful and lonely broadside against the evil new York Times readers, who I was sure would all be on the side of the Devil himself, when I began reading their comments on immigration.

Looks like somebody is getting religion. The majority are 100% Bitter Clingers and well-informed.

Can I get an amen, brothers?

If this immigration epiphany is going on in the heads of the readers of the NYT, imagine what is going on in the heads of people in Kansas and Alabama and Ohio?

Instead of being gloomy and defeatist, maybe we should be getting ready to fix bayonets, or at least putting on our boots.

Thanks for fighting.

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