A Houston Reader Prepares To Cope With Ebola
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From: A Houston Reader [Email him]

Now that President Obola has extended a tacit invitation to all West Africans who wish to be treated for Ebola at our expense, one can only echo the immortal words of CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett, "We're screwed!" Thomas Duncan managed to infect one health care professional before his death. If each of the thousands of other West African Ebola patients manages to do likewise, we can kiss our vaunted "world-class health system" goodbye. Worse yet, while their symptoms develop, the West Africans will be residing "in the community," so most of the indigenous infected will be people who look like Thomas Duncan.

Having been taught that all of their misfortunes are caused by white people, they'll naturally do their level best to infect us. In other words, we're all about to become unpaid actors in a zombie flick, but without the makeup and the kids to bring us a glass of iced tea between scenes. Who could have imagined that America, once the world's greatest nation, would be brought to this?

Of course, I hope I'm wrong. If not, the silver lining to this dark cloud will be the end of our present elites and their absurd universal altruism. Among the survivors, such altruism as exists will be confined to extended families. Perhaps they'll be able to raise a better society from the ashes.

 The reader is a software engineer who plans to bug out of Houston at the first report of a U.S. Ebola death outside of a hospital.

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