A Disgusted Texan Says David Brooks Can Keep His "Houston Model" Of Economic Growth
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post David Brooks Calls This “The Sorting Election”–With Very Sailerian Analysis

From:  A Disgusted Texan [Email him]

I  read David Brooks’s piece on how wonderful the Houston model of economic growth is. I am a native Houstonian and have lived in the area for 58 of my 64 years.

The city is now basically a Third World hellhole and bears little resemblance to the city I grew up in. Whites are only 26% of the population and whole neighborhoods look like Tijuana slums, others like Shanghai or Bombay.

The place is overrun with foreigners who can barely speak English. This is why the city has had a succession of liberal, often incompetent mayors.

I now live in a suburb of the city but unfortunately my area has become a magnet for Muslims, Indians and Chinese. Brooks can keep this economic model.

I much prefer the basically Southern city I grew up in, not the globalized monstrosity, devoid of any character or identity, it has become.

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