A Georgia Reader Notes Some Anniversaries Big Media Would Rather Forget
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Re: The Fulford File | 9/11 (Not) Remembered

From: Marshall Miller [Email him]

Everyone remembers 9-11-01, as well they should, but when September 1 rolls around, big media will not mention the 1983 Soviet murders of the 269 innocents on the Korean Airlines jet, murdered in the middle of the night. Numerous children were on the plane, also Congressman Larry McDonald, perhaps America's foremost anti-Communist. Was there a connection?  Did you hear anything from the media on September 1?

Anti-Communism is out of style in today's liberal America. This hideous event has been buried by those who control and manage the news, sent the way of the grotesque January 2007 Knoxville murders of the two college students out on a date. Few remember since few were told. There's news and there's their news.

Marshall Miller is the kind of right-wing extremist who  misses   Joe SobranJesse Helms and Sam Francis as much as we do. See previous letters from him.


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