A Georgia Reader Is Happy With VDARE.com's Redesign—But He Liked Us Before, Too!
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Re: VDARE.com's Redesign

From: Marshall Miller [Email him]

I don't see how any reader could complain about your site but I'm sure any redesign would make it even better, if that is possible. I love your site.  I tell all about your site, and mention it frequently in my "right-wing extremist" column. I used to send a lot of stories to Paul Harvey. I miss him, also miss  Joe Sobran, Jesse Helms and Sam Francis.Best of luck and I'll continue to tell all to read VDARE.COM.

Marshall Miller writes from Lilburn, Georgia, in the Atlanta suburbs, one mile from his favorite road, the Ronald Reagan Parkway. See his previous letter here.

James Fulford writes: Check out Your state will be next,Thoughts From The Right Side,   Dodge County News, October 6, 2010, by Marshall Miller.

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