A Former Resident Of Dallas Recalls "White Flight"
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Murder In Dallas: "This Is What Happens Without A Neighborhood Watch."

From: A Native Of Texas [Email him]

I lived in Dallas (Oak Cliff area) when I was a kid. In the early 60s it wasn't a bad place to be. After integration there was massive white flight. 

My family was one of those who fled. Modern writers claim it was because whites were offended at having to live around blacks. In reality, we were forced out.  It was basically a war zone.

Years later a friend of mine, who lived in a different area of Dallas during that time, described it as hand-to-hand combat. It was the most dangerous time of my life. There are areas of Dallas that are as bad as Atlanta or Birmingham. The random attacks on whites have been going on since the 60s that I know of. It may be getting worse, but it is nothing new. Thanks for covering this issue.

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