A Former Minnesotan (Non-Somali Variety) Notices Our "Weird Ads"
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Re: Peter Brimelow's “Why Does VDARE.COM Run All These Weird Ads?”

A Former Minnesotan (Non-Somali Variety) [Email him]

375px-SM-Logo-2008[1]I’m not “annoyed” by your “weird ads” at all—just thought you might get a chuckle out of the fact that my clicking on two of your “Somalians in Minnesota” stories in a row brought up a LOVELY ad featuring dark-skinned women in hijabs; it’s for SingleMuslim.com! Ha!

As if—if I wasn’t already completely convinced that a “single Muslim”, or for that matter, a married Muslim, would be the LAST person I would willingly seek out to contact, your well-researched story would have clinched it for me, LOL.

I very much enjoy your writing. Thank you for doing a valid job of trying to save or, at least, alert the world!

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