A Former Manhattan Resident Says That Like Nantucket, The Hamptons Are Awash In Illegal Aliens
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From: David Brown (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum Letter: A New Jersey Reader Tries To Tip Off Nantucket Police Chief About Illegal Aliens; He Ignores Her

The Hamptons on Long Island, New York (summer haven to Wall Street types and other creeps) are also fully staffed by un-policed illegal aliens. The consensus among the wealthy is that the Hamptons would be unable to function without illegal aliens.

Republicans and Democrats alike summer there in their elitist harmony.

The AWOL local police are the same jerks who never once found Billy Joel drunk behind the wheel of his car.

Why should the cops enforce the laws that they view as hurtful to summer residents when those same residents in their 20,000 square ft. "carry-over tax" homes provide the revenue to hire them in the first place?

It's a neat little circle the rest of us are paying for, both financially and socially. Rest easy, it won't be changing soon.

Praying for hurricanes is the only answer.

Brown currently lives in Denver. His previous letter to VDARE.COM about cheap labor is here.

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