A Former Los Angeles Teacher Writes On Latino Culture And Rape
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Re: A Reader Wants To Know Where The NYT’s Timothy Egan Is Getting His Statistics. Answer: From Cheap Mexican Labor

From: An Anonymous Retired Los Angeles Teacher [Email Him]

ON July 14 you answered a reader who questioned statistics from the NYT about whites proportionately committing more rapes than Hispanics. BS.

I taught in the inner-city in LA for decades. Most Hispanic girls had been molested by dads, uncles, older brothers, cousins, etc. (Partly due to extreme over-crowding in South Central LA.) Most students shared one bedroom with other siblings. (See L.A. and Orange counties are an epicenter of overcrowded housing, LA Times, March 7, 2014 for what that looks like.)

Extended family groups were common with drunk lecherous uncles frequently in proximity. I personally intervened to stop some reported abuse. In one case, for example, a nine-year-old girl, Maria, was being molested by her couch-squatting uncle and possibly others. I told uncle that any more reports and cops would be called. Because my daughter was friends with Maria, I am fairly certain the attacks stopped.

Frequently boys in my high school classes would tell me they would like to take their girlfriends to Mexico where they could beat them with impunity.

The Mexican invasion of the US is infesting this country with the violent, lecherous, unskilled, low IQ dregs of Mexico, most of whom are intensely racist. We had race riots at lunch time at my high school unreported in the media where many black boys lost parts of their ears and noses.

The rare white student was constantly harassed with comments like "Shut the F— up Whitey" or worse.

See a previous letter from the same reader.

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