A Former Honduras Peace Corps Volunteer Explains The Honduran Population Crisis Behind The Caravan
May 10, 2018, 02:40 PM
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Latin America's March to Re-Elect Trump Is Headed for the Border

From: Elias Fairweather [Email him]

There were apparently more Hondurans in the caravan than any other nationality.  I served in Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the late eighties and later married a Honduran I had met while I was there. A then sister-in-law of mine from Honduras entered Texas illegally in the early nineties, and is still there, now I believe with all three of her sons from Tegucigalpa (the Honduran capital), each of whom crossed Guatemala, Mexico and our border illegally. One was already deported once and then crossed back into the USA a few years ago.  

Thanks in part to high fertility rates encouraged by the Vatican and Catholic hierarchy within Honduras, that country's population is about twice as large today (9 million vs. 4.5 million) as when I lived there three decades ago. Of course, one virtually never hears about this underlying factor anywhere in the MSM, including Fox News. It's politically incorrect and simply beyond the pale to both the political Left and the political Right (for different reasons, of course) to point out the simple truth that a growing population size has some bearing on the “push factors” driving more migration, i.e., levels of misery, unemployment, and gang activity.  

When the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) offered the Honduran government a free grant in 1987 to promote population education in the primary schools, the country's highest Catholic prelate, an archbishop, and his minions went ballistic, claiming it was "genocide" and a “knife-stab against Honduras.” The nation's archbishop called the Honduran Family Planning Association "murderers" and "agents of the demon". Abortions were illegal, so it was simply for distributing contraceptives and birth control knowledge that the organization earned this condemnation.

In the end, enlisting the aid of opportunistic opposition political parties, the Church forced the Honduran government to turn down the free funds from the UNFPA. These pompous, hypocritical, irresponsible blowhards would rather rail against birth control and continue to use the U.S. as a safety valve for their own growing masses as long as we continue to allow them to get away with it.  If the Democrats have their way, that will be indefinitely, so they can replace the existing American electorate of recalcitrant Deplorables with a more compliant, beholden one.  

A Honduran friend and I were just talking about this absurd situation the other day, and she insisted that the lion’s share of caravan members’ asylum claims are exaggerated or bogus, of course. I strongly suspected this, but it's always good to get confirmation from someone who has family both there and here, and who has real "skin in the game" as it were.  These "asylum seekers" are aided and abetted by open-borders, do-gooder, idealistic U.S. lawyers and their cynical backers, who are coaching the migrants and taking advantage of U.S. and international law requiring countries to grant a hearing to anyone who requests political asylum. It is unsustainable and unconscionable conduct on their part, because it only encourages ever more migration – much like that of the “humanitarians” who are ferrying African migrants across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe – even as the do-gooders pat themselves on the back for their exalted sensibilities. A political backlash is brewing and the system will break down; legitimate asylum seekers and refugees will suffer, those who are fleeing genuine persecution directed at them in particular, rather than generalized violence, mayhem, lawlessness and poverty.