A Florida Reader Says Miami Mayor Manny Diaz No Prize For Obama's Cabinet
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From: Wanda de Jesus (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Sidwell Friends School: Clinton II Administration Rolls On

Maybe Barack Obama should stick to picking Clinton retreads and his assorted Chicago friends for high positions in his administration.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz makes them look like saints from heaven.

According to sources, Diaz is on a short candidate list for the newly-created Office of Urban Policy. [Miami Mayor Manny Diaz 'in the mix' for Obama post, by Michael Vasques, Miami Herald, November 12, 2008]

Here's what we in Florida know about Diaz: he unsuccessfully represented Elian Gonzales' stateside family, was one of former Governor Jeb Bush's corrupt friends, over-developing Miami with ritzy condos while leaving the homeless to fend for themselves and was fined for ethics violations.

The national media has ignored these negatives, while the local press is delirious with joy at the possibility of the Cuban-born D Diaz being part of "change we can believe in."

de Jesus, a third generation American, is a primary school teacher in the Miami area.

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