A Florida Reader Says Greens Don't Care That Immigration Increases Carbon Usage—As Long As It's Bad For America
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post The Acid Test of the Moral Seriousness of Global Warming Activists Is Immigration Policy

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

I agree with Mr. Sailer completely on the obliviousness of environmentalists who are in favor of reducing the carbon emission of the USA while at the same time also in favor of immigration from low carbon footprint countries that will eventually double our population.

To me, the logic of reducing immigration to lower USA carbon emissions is simple. However, in the real world, when I have argued this with people who are friends of mine in the Green Party, they ignored any responsibility of immigrants for increasing the USA carbon emissions.

Their reasoning is that the USA is evil and our policies and actions are the reason the very poor have to come here through no fault of their own. I also get a sense they feel the new immigrants will become allies for their cause.

To the environmentalists I know and talk to, Greenhouse gases are apparently not as important as punishing the USA for” creating” poverty in other countries and increasing the population of those who are on their side. Even when I remind them that their position on immigration is hurting the poor here and not the elites who make harmful USA policies, and that the immigrants coming are not the poor in their own country, as it costs thousands to pay coyotes and the truly poor are not able to come, it does not matter to them.

To their way of thinking, all the problems of the poor in other countries are the fault of the USA, so why should immigrants be blamed for coming here and increasing global warming?

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