A Florida Reader Says Election Results Are A Major Triumph For Immigration Control Activists
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From: [Name Withheld in FL]

Tuesday's election results were extremely positive for the immigration control movement. 

The GOP got killed for two main reasons. 

  • Second, the consequences of FreeTrade/Globalization/Outsourcing/Offshoring.  As Pat Buchanan said, look at where and why non-scandal tainted Republicans lost… in the de-industrialized heartland from Pennsylvania throughout the Ohio-Mississippi Valley.

Nancy Pelosi sure didn't receive any mandate to dismantle the borders and flood the country with "imported labor", and she knows it.

Even more satisfying is the Republican collapse in the Senate.  It was a clear referendum on the McCain-Frist policies, both of whom were significant losers.

The Republicans have tried to suppress the immigration issue, in opposition to the party's grass roots, for 12 years.  It was necessary to remove them.

Just keep "immigration" clearly identified as cheap labor, falling wages and imported taxes.   In other words, make sure it's joined at the hip with the rest of "Free Trade" and "Globalization". 

The results of Tuesday's elections are VDARE.COM's finest hour.

[Name Withheld in FL] is a registered Independent and retired Army officer.

Peter Brimelow comments: Hmm, hope we can do better that this!

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