A Florida Reader Isn't Willing To Give America Back To The Indians
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Re: An Anti-Nativist "Native American" Demands VDARE.com’s “American Credentials"

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

I write regarding your last letter from the quasi/semi/native American claiming we should go back to Europe if we want immigration enforced.

Since they are claiming an earlier possession of our country to provide them moral authority, please tell the Aztecs that the Olmecs called you, and they want those Aztecs off their lawn.

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James Fulford writes: Which is funny, since lawn care is one of the things that employers are hiring Aztecs for. John Derbyshire wrote that in his Long Island suburb, there are

"[L]awns and gardens, which need tending. Few Americans below retirement age seem to want to do this themselves any more, and the days when teenagers would perform such chores for money are long gone. In my street, mowing your own lawn is now considered eccentric. The majority preference is to have this kind of work done by hired teams of Aztecs—cheerful small brown people with gold teeth and not a word of English."

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