A Disgusted Reader Asks Who We, the Editors, Contributors and Readers of VDARE.COM, Are
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A Reader Smells Something Rotten in the Strawberry Fields

From: Sarah Schwartz [e-mail her]

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Multicultural Education—No "Americans" Need Apply

Wow...really that is all I can say...wow! 

As often as I see representations of people like all of those of you who run and read this site, I am still shocked every time I read your conservative, rambling, nonsense.

It has always surprised me when people say they want to keep this country more American by limiting the number of languages and ethnicity within it. 

Let me see. Where did all of these Americans come from?

Wait, could it have been different countries from around the world? Could it be that every person in this country is here because at some point their family moved here from some far away place, possibly not knowing how to speak English

Right now I am in a teaching program in Washington State and I am truly excited to begin my job.  Part of me wants to impart my knowledge of history to future youth but part of me is excited to teach my students about acceptance of difference. 

I know why white people want to keep America white, English-speaking and Christian.

It is because they are truly afraid of what the way the rest of the world will treat them if they are suddenly not the correct, Anglo race… whatever meaning you give to that.

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