A Disgruntled Reader Is Tired Of Bad News—Not Our Fault, The The News Actually IS Bad
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Re: The Generally Depressing Tone Of Current Events, Demographic Demise, etc.

From: An Anonymous And Somewhat Disgruntled Reader [Email him]

What do you hope to achieve by featuring articles and editorials that illustrate the Caucasian American's demographic demise? Perhaps you want to light a fire under your readers' collective asses and set them into political action, but you won't. People want to feel they are on the winning team, so if they must see their condition through the lens of VDARE.com, where article after article shows us getting our ass kicked, readers will simply throw up their hands in despair.

Slant the reporting toward the positive. The MSM does it for their readers,  why can't you? What is your objective, web based commiseration? or inspiration? I see too much of the former.

You redesigned the website. Now redesign the content to inspire not depress; win not lose.

James Fulford writes: Look, we try to be upbeat, and personally I'm as cheerful and optimistic as anyone. (Anyone, that is who had dental surgery today—I did, and it's not as much fun as it sounds.)

We regularly quote the poem that begins "Say not the struggle naught availeth," we say "take heart" we say "victory is in sight" whenever it is, in fact, in sight, but the current facts are not particularly cheerful.

When I look at Commentary Magazine and see that they're debating America's future, I can't help noticing that Mark Steyn, a man even more cheerful than I am, so cheerful he's positively elfin, is making THE CASE FOR PESSIMISM.

At the same time, John Podhoretz, who looks more like a Hobbit, frankly, is making THE CASE FOR OPTIMISM.

Well, in that case, frankly. I'm on the side of the pessimists. However, see tonight's posting[What Americans Can Learn Today From The Politics Of Confederate Secession] for some positive thinking.

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