A DHS, Formerly INS, Reader Comments on Juan Mann
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March 13, 2003

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A "European American" Writes to Peter Brimelow; He Responds

Re Juan Mann's Deporting Some Of The Aliens Some Of The Time

As an Instructor at the DHS Training Academy (formerly the Immigration Officer Academy), you hit it right on the nail. I left the field because I was frustrated that District Supervisors would not back up the Agents/Officers and let us do our jobs. We were more into Customer Service than Enforcement. We could not use the term "illegal aliens" so I decided to change it to " Documently Challenged Non-Immigrant." In the field my job was to deport these illegal aliens, criminals and Aggravated Felons from the United States ASAP. But, the bleeding hearts will say, "they really are not bad people, let them stay. "

I have no problem with aliens entering the country in the correct manner. It's the other ones we have to find, prosecute, let them do time in prison then deport them as the law says we have to. I have a bumper sticker I purchased in North Georgia that says "Control Immigration before it Controls us".

Makes sense to me.... keep up the good work and get the message out to the public.

Please withhold name......

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