A Detroit Reader Begs To Disagree On Ryan
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Re: Washington Watcher's article Romney-Ryan And Immigration: It Could have Been Worse—But Not Much

From: Dan Poole [Email him]

I come before you as an ally in the cause that VDARE.com stands for. You can just glance through the headlines of my Examiner articles to get a feel for where I stand. I'm sure you won't disagree with me one bit on issues of race and immigration. But I wanted to send you this piece I wrote yesterday which is, in effect, a defense of Paul Ryan. Hopefully it offers some food for thought.

James Fulford writes: I assume Ryan is not a total loss, but he may not be good enough.One of Dan Poole's points is that

"...Ryan’s immigration record is by no means a deal breaker, and that’s because Ryan has so much going for him. For starters, the left wing noise machine hates Ryan’s guts."

This reminds me of the 19th Century orator who nominated Grover Cleveland with the words "they love him most for the enemies he has made." We've seen the same phenomenon with Sarah Palin. However, the fact that they hate him won't make Ryan good on the National Question. These are people who think Newt Gingrich is a racist.

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