A Connecticut Reader Says The Latino Gang Problem Is Bigger Than We Think
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Re: A Virginia Reader On Eight MS-13 Murderers In Montgomery County, Maryland

From: An Anonymous Connecticut Reader [Email him]

The letter writer or TIME Magazine got their facts wrong, he stated:

"...The number of Latino gang members in the United States is estimated to be 150,000, and they are a presence in most major cities in the nation."

I would suspect that there just might be a wee bit more than that: the FBI says that there are 1,400,000 in the United States. FBI — 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment – Emerging Trends

James Fulford writes: I’m not sure where the 150,000 figure came from,  and the FBI’s estimate is for all ethnicities, but Latinos are in fact the majority of gangsters in the US at this moment. The National Gang Center estimates the ethnic breakdown of gangs in major cities to look like this:

  • Black or African American(i. e. Crips, Bloods)       35.6%
  • Hispanic or Latino(i. e. Nortenos, Surenos, , MS-13)         48.1
  • White (i. e. Whitey Bulger, Mafia)            9.3
  • Other(Hmong, Triads, Kurdish)   6.9

Kurdish? Yes, Kurdish, in Nashville, Tennessee.  Somalian gangs in the US would be counted by the National Gang Center as African-American.  The immigrant gang problem is huge, and no candidate of either party will say that immigration is to blame for it, because all he’d hear from the press would be stories about the immigrant valedictorian.

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