A Delaware Reader Has Advice For A Somali in Columbus
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From: Dave (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Somali Reader Wants To Be Treated With Respect And Dignity; Joe Guzzardi Resonds

I have some follow-up thoughts for Haji, author of the above captioned letter, and her entrepreneurial Somali friends.

First, America is an overpopulated country. Increasing its population with refugees, asylum seekers, legal and illegal immigrants degrades the quality of life for the current inhabitants.

Second, America has all the productive workers it needs. We would have more than enough if schools would return to teaching practical work skills. We don't need new ethnic oriented businesses like convenience stores, dry cleaners and the like. 

Third, Africa is a continent rich in natural recourses, but limited in human resources. These Columbus- based Somalis would have been of great benefit to their fellow Africans if they had remained in Africa

South Africa, for example, has a desperate need for hospital workers, surely greater that Columbus. Africa—not America—needs the small-scale entrepreneurs of which Haji boasts. 

Law abiding people who want to make their neighborhoods beautiful, as Haji claims Somalis have done throughout Ohio, would also be assets in Africa. 

Haji and her productive pals could do more for Africa by working and living in their native continent than all the massive amounts of financial aid supplied by the world governments and NGOs have done to date.

Dave is a semi-retired software engineer. He defines "semi-retired" as meaning that if work comes his way, retirement ends. Dave's previous letter about Senator Larry Craig is here.

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