A Connecticut Reader Sees Brazil Demonstrations As Anti-White Rather Than Anti-Government—See Photograph
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From: An Anonymous Connecticut Reader [Email him]

I was reading the British papers and they talked about how people of all races, etc were in loving harmony during the recent mass demonstrations in Brazil, in other words how blissful a multi-culti society is. See More than 200,000 protesters take to the streets of Brazil to protest the billions spent on hosting the 2014 World Cup Daily Mail, June 18, 2013.

Well, oddly enough in a photo series in the GUARDIAN, there was this little gem—a scene repeated in one form or another  all over America on a daily basis.

This photo is from a demonstration in Recife, Brazil June 20.

A Connecticut Reader See Brazil Demonstrations As Anti-White Rather Than Anti-Government


I note that the Daily Mail didn't post that photo—I wonder why.

See an earlier  letter from the same reader.

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