A Concerned Reader Wonders If Ted Cruz Will Side With Steve King Or John Boehner On Amnesty Battle
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

It will be interesting when Ted Cruz and Steve King go hunting this month if Cruz will side with Boehner or King during the immigration battle.  Steve King has cornered a lot of Republicans if they don’t take up the offer to hunt with him. Who is going to say no to pheasant hunting in Iowa? Some closet anti-gun, anti-rural RINO?

Ted Cruz has made some ridiculous statements on immigration that have been unnoticed.

He said he has never seen Hispanics panhandle. [Politico, August 5, 2012]I don’t know if that is true but I think Hispanics get handouts in every other way.

He also said Romney lost the Hispanic vote (that has never been won) because of Romney's 47% quote.

I don't know if Cruz  has spent much time first hand in Texas neighborhoods to see the damage.

 He has spent much of his time in court arguing cases. (Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have probably seen more firsthand the damage that immigration has done—they just refuse to care.)

The two things Cruz claimed in his primary against David Dewhurst was he fought to execute an illegal alien. That wasn't a hard choice,  to chase a rapist and killer. He also said that he opposed Rick Perry and  Dewhurst’s illegal alien tuition breaks. But if he goes for amnesty, all those kids will get instate tuition because they’ll be legal.

I don’t think immigration patriotism is something Cruz wants in his brand. I don't see him coming out and admitting that legal immigrants are natural big government Democrats. That will hurt the story he is trying to sell.

James Fulford writes: To his credit,  Cruz did vote no on cloture, and no on the actual amnesty that passed the senate. However, Mickey Kaus and VDARE.com’s James Kirkpatrick both suspect him of being willing to surrender on this issue. It’s pretty certain that if he’d fought it as hard as he’s fighting Obamacare, he would have defeated the Senate Bill.

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