A California Reader Says That The Richest Landowners Push Mass Immigration—Just Not On Their Richest Land
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Who pushes mass immigration? These people: The top 10 landowners in America.

CNBC reports

As the wealthy get wealthier, they're putting more of it into land.

America's 100 largest individual landowners added 700,000 acres to their landholdings last year, according to the Land Report 100, put out by the Land Report and Fay Ranches. Those 100 individuals or families now control more than 30 million acres, or 2 percent of America's entire land mass. [By Robert Frank , October 1, 2013].

Worse still, most of these land barons have been granted massive property tax exemptions from all the "little people" and the Socialist mob they invite, and those that don't have direct tax exemptions usually live in environmentally nice areas protected by taxpayers from development—like Malibu.

The elite mass immigration mongers of Malibu have restricted all development of other people's land within their Malibu view to 1 house for every 20 acres. [See Malibu Babs: Snapshots Of An Eco-hypocrite, by Michelle Malkin, June 3, 2003]

Too bad they don't defend America like they defend Malibu.

I say it's time to take away their tax protections and "conservation easements"—the state shouldn't be giving out tax credits and exemptions for conservation while importing millions of new people every year.

It's counterproductive to the environment, it only pushes the development elsewhere, it's just another immigration cost shift from the elite.

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James Fulford writes: I'll add that Malibu, one of the richest areas in majority-minority California, is also one of the whitest—88.1 percent, and the man named as the largest individual landowner in the country, John C. Malone, is on the board of the immigration enthusiast Cato Institute.

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