A Concerned Reader Points Out That "Tea Party" Amnesty Enthusiast Sal Russo Worked For Bill Simon Against Pete Wilson
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 Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article The End Is Nigh: Ruling Class (Including Congressional GOP) Now Openly Seceding From Historic American Nation

From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

“Conservative” amnesty enthusiast Sal Russo, mentioned by James Kirkpatrick as a founder, with other parasitical Republican “consultants” of the “Tea Party Express”, worked for pro-amnesty CA candidate Bill Simon in 2002:

[RNC Head Mark Racicot ] dismisses Mr. Wilson's contention that it is common sense that California taxpayers shouldn't have to finance services for people who have entered the country illegally. "Leaders have a responsibility to make sure that they're not just right," the GOP chairman says. "They have a responsibility to make sure that they're not being opportunistic."

Republican politicians in California are taking the same tack. Polls taken during the state's recent GOP gubernatorial primary, for example, showed strong opposition to a law backed by Mr. Davis that extends in-state tuition prices to illegal immigrants attending state colleges. But the winner of that primary, conservative businessman Bill Simon, isn't stressing the issue.

Mr. Wilson says he believes Mr. Bush sincerely differed with him on Proposition 187, in part because of Texans' different experiences with Mexican immigration. But other GOP politicians "have been intimidated because they don't want to be attacked as being racist," Mr. Wilson complains, sitting in a hotel conference room in the Century City area of Los Angeles.

As Mr. Wilson speaks, Mr. Bush is headlining a fund-raiser for Mr. Simon just down the street — to which Mr. Wilson wasn't invited. "We have to turn the page," says Simon campaign strategist Sal Russo.

Wilson Defends Immigration Stance That Alienated Hispanic Population

By John Harwood The Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2002

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James Fulford  writes: Well noticed! I noticed myself, on a VDARE.com search for Sal Russo’s name, that he had been a consultant for Bill Simon, mentioned here on VDARE.com by Joe Guzzardi in October 2002, as “Sal Russo, Simon's longtime political strategist…” I. E. a consultant.

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