A Chicago Reader Says Michelle Obama Isn't Seeing The Big Picture
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From: Mike Mozart

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Michelle Obama: Stereotype Threat Keeping Her Husband Down In Polls Among Black Voters

Michelle Obama may have some credibility when she speaks of the difficulty of electing a black president. But she's misses the bigger picture.

All Americans, regardless of color or creed, are fed up with the ethnocentric race pimps who divide the country into two camps, dark and light.

We don't want a black, brown or white President. We want an American President.

Maybe Obama should ask herself this question: "Why would African-Americans vote for a candidate who puts the interests of illegal aliens ahead of poor blacks?"

Her husband Barack wants to make illegal aliens legal. He wants to give them driver's licenses. Here in my home town of Chicago he's marched with the illegal aliens demanding that they be given "rights."

When an African-American cheerleads for foreign nationals—the people taking away jobs from black Americans and depressing their wages— that person does not have the interests of his own people at heart.

Obama is using is using the race card for his personal advancement, at the expense of blacks

For Michelle, the question is not whether America is afraid of a black president but why her candidate-husband panders to non-citizens that are taking African-American jobs and pushing them out of their neighborhoods.

Mozart lives in what he describes as "the Democratic-controlled sanctuary city of Chicago." He is a Minuteman and, with others, protested in front of Elvira Arellano's church hideout. Read his previous letters about Arellano here and the folly of re-electing the same traitors here.

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