A Chicago Reader Reminds Us Of An Earlier Abortion Controversy
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February 11, 2011, 04:00 AM
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From: A Chicago Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford`s article Black Alley Abortions: The Philadelphia Abortion Horror In Racial Context

In his commentary on the black abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, James Fulford made the politically-incorrect observation that educating blacks may not necessarily lower their inclinations toward criminal behavior. But in the case of Dr. Gosnell, some people may make the even more politically-incorrect argument that the black doctor helped to lower the rate of black-on-white crime.

Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago published a paper in 2001 [The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime ]revealing that abortions carried out by poor women help to lower the crime rate. Former Education Secretary, William Bennett cited Levitt`s research when he said that abortion of black babies would lower the crime rate. That comment caused a storm of controversy. [William Bennett Defends Comment on Abortion and Crime| `Book of Virtues` Author Says Hypothetical Remark Was Valid, By Jake Tapper, September 29, 2005] 

I certainly agree with Mr. Fulford that Dr. Gosnell engaged in unethical behavior. But it is possible that Dr. Gosnell`s career may have helped to lower black-on-white crime rates. Given that those abortions were carried out by black women who sought out a black abortion doctor, whites cannot be blamed for Dr. Gosnell`s unethical behavior. Many pro-choice white liberals secretly cheer on blacks like Dr. Gosnell, who make it possible for white liberals to gentrify formerly black neighborhoods.

James Fulford writes: The  Bennett/Levitt thesis has  been comprehensively refuted by Steve Sailer:

"My objection to Levitt`s racial eugenic argument is not on moral grounds, but on factual ones. In the real world, the direct opposite of his theory`s predictions actually happened: the first cohort born after abortion was legalized in 1970-73 grew up to be the most violent teens in recent American history,wwith a homicide rate triple the last cohort born before abortion was legalized. Among African-American 14-17 year-olds, the murder rate more than quadrupled."