A Chicago Reader On Lyndon Johnson’s “New American Greatness”—65 Immigration Act Made A “New America” Instead
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Re: Joseph Morabito’s letter A CT Reader Remembers JFK's Original Immigration Proposal—No Hint Of Inundation To Come

From: John Tyler [Email him]

It was around Thanksgiving last year that I wrote a letter about multiculturalism in the McDonald’s thanksgiving parade held in Chicago. I am sorry to say that, even after a year, Chicago has not smartened up, but still allowed multiculturalism to be celebrated. The parade gets to be less and less American with each passing year. I have lost all hope in Chicago.

November 28th 2013, coincidentally, happened to be 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson gave his first Thanksgiving speech to the nation. It was six days after President Kennedy was assassinated, signalling the end of the old American era. I found this video of his first Thanksgiving message (dated 11/28/1963) on YouTube and in it he talks about “A new American greatness.” [Full Text]

So much for the “greatness” of Johnson’s new America!

Thanks to his liberal views, we had the 1965 Immigration Act which has multiculturalized America and made our cities into cesspools. Thanks to his “Great Society” and forced integration, our schools and our neighborhoods are unsafe and the quality of education has decreased. He escalated the Vietnam War and due to that we have 58,000 dead Americans who could’ve contributed so much to this nation.

As we can see from the Chicago Thanksgiving parade, and  our cities and schools, present-day America is no longer America. I wonder if President Johnson meant his “New American greatness” to take place in “a New America”

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