A Chicago Reader Explains Why He’s Voting Trump—Because Every OTHER Candidate Supports The Invasion
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Re: Ellison Lodge's article NATIONAL REVIEW Editors Vs. Trump: Forget “Principle”–Think “Career Move”

From: Mike Mozart [Email him].

Wow, this upcoming election is turning into something historic! Establishment candidates are now the enemy, with "outsiders" being preferred.

Now, of course, the establishment pundit operatives are doing their best to take those outsiders out. Worse, some of the conservative voices we've all listened to and admired over the years are now bad mouthing Donald Trump, saying he's not a true conservative, he's supported liberal ideals in the past and he'll make deals with the Democrats.

To that I say, I could care less! Every candidate on the Republican side will end up screwing over their base on numerous conservative issues. They're all sellouts and we know it.

For me, the biggest issue—no, the only issue—is the continuing invasion of our country. We are being turned into a multicultural, Third World cesspool at an alarming rate. Nothing, no conservative issues, values or principles will matter one bit if we continue down this road. The entire conservative ideology within our political system will be rendered impotent, as we drown in illegals, refugees and immigrants, who'll outvote us and install a permanent Leftist political cabal.

Every single viable Republican candidate, except for Trump, has already proven they'll sell out Americans and promote the invasion, be it legal or illegal. Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich and yes, even Cruz, have proven to be sellouts on this issue, and you can be assured they'll continue down that road.

This has to stop, and I believe Trump will do it. He's the only one with the stones to say what needs to be said, and what needs to be done. I have to believe him—there's no other choice. So to hell with this "not a conservative" crap. Again I say, who cares? We need to stop the invasion, wrest the political control back from the elites, and then, and only then, can we start to work on our conservative issues.

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