A Chicago Reader Compares Rand Paul's "Run Away" Behaviour To To The Knights Of Monty Python
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Re: James Fulford’s blog posts Rand Paul Runs Away From DREAMer; Steve King Speaks Truth To Power and Rand Paul Claims He Scuttled Away From Illegals To Do Media Interview–But Who With?

From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him]

KY Senator Rand Paul has been saying lots of really stupid, treasonous things about immigration. He's also shamelessly pandering on all racial issues—agreeing with Memphis TN Black Civil Rights leaders that state laws requiring Drivers Licenses IDs for voting are RACIST and unfairly suppress the votes of convicted black felons!

Rand Paul tends to agree with whomever happens to be in the room with him at the time, then adds some Libertarian free market spin. Rand Paul agreed with pushy MSNBC Leftist Lesbian Rachel Maddow that pre 1965 America was basically evil and racist and Martin Luther King Jr. was an American hero, a virtual Saint, but insisted that Dr. King was really more of a Libertarian—yeah right Rand.

Rand gave his Kentucky Conservative base a bit of a shock when he announced his support for allowing the entire population of the (Third, Islamic) World to immigrate to the United States provided these immigrants wanted to work here OK, I am sure the Ebola wards in Liberia and Uganda want to take Rand Paul up on that one!

Yeah, Rand Paul is pretty much a pussyfooter and panderer. Rand is also a physical coward—he ran away in terror from a female Hispanic DREAM activist confronting him and Rep. Steve King. Rep. King didn't "run away", instead he stood his ground and engaged the illegal alien dreamers.

Rand Paul belongs in this classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail comedy sketch where the brave, Knights of King Arthur's Round Table confront a terrifying rabbit—"the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!” The Brave Knights confront the rabbit then decide to.......


When defending the traditional American people, Rand Paul will....


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Below, Rand Paul runs away from criticism of his former position on Freedom of Association, the Knights of the Round Table run away from a very dangerous rabbit, and Sir Robin runs away from The Knights Who Say “Ni!

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