A Charlotte Reader Comments On White Obituaries
March 12, 2018, 06:49 PM
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post NYT: Too Many White Men Are Dying

From: A Charlotte Reader [Email him]

When I used to subscribe to the Charlotte Observer, I noticed a dearth of ethnic or minority obituaries for a city that is about 70% non-white. (Minority? Majority? I know...)

I concluded it was mostly economics and some social norms. The dead retired Admiral and captain of industry left behind a legacy of grandchildren who could afford 8 column inches, and actually were engaged in society enough to read newsprint. The bad parts of town weren't necessarily the subscriber base of the Charlotte Observer and it's hard to pay for an obit from county lock-up...

James Fulford writes: The New York Times's subscription base is also very white, but they're the kind of white people who complain about lack of diversity. The Time's claim is that the obit-worthy people dying of old age represent "your father's America", and that the New York Times of 2050 will be full of obits of high-achieving blacks. Perhaps they'll be immigrants from Wakanda!