A Catholic Reader Writes On His Bishops` Immigration Stance And Latin Cultures
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RE: Donald A. Collins’s A Democrat’s Sermon: Catholic Bishops’ Treason Offensive Hits Next Sunday, September 8

From: "Spirit of the Fighting 69th" (e-mail him)

The Roman Catholic  bishops who are pushing this Amnesty nonsense live in a world of their own, politically, historically, and economically ignorant by choice.

They are also the same crowd that has denied the faithful the traditional mass, ignored Catholic doctrine by refusing to deny pro-abortion Roman Catholic  politicians and office holders the sacraments, refused to mount a strong defense of marriage against the homosexualist onslaught, and ignored papal directives on church practices.

The USCCB bureaucracy has long been under the management of Democratic party hacks who needed a job, so it is no surprise that they follow the Dem line. 

In Latin cultures, religion is regarded as the province of women and children, even by the elite oppressors of ignorant peons. The peons mix Catholicism with pagan practices. Latin governments are frequently anti-clerical, and have been since the revolutions of the 19th Century. Spain and the church were given the boot frequently leaving the peasants unchurched. The most heinous modern example was the Cristeros rebellion against the Marxist government of Plutarco Calles in Mexico in the nineteen twenties.

But the GOP and patriotic immigration restrictionists have seldom engaged their Excellencies on how immigration is destructive to this society, especially those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, most visibly black Americans.

In sum, when one examines their stance on public policy and theology, the bishops who would betray the country, have already betrayed the Church.  It was not always so, but the fetid smell of Marxism has seeped into the Catholic Church since Vatican II.

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