A Louisiana Reader Says That SF Chronicle Film Critic Mick LaSalle Thinks All Mexicans Look Alike
June 04, 2012, 03:15 AM
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An Anonymous Louisiana Reader [Email him]

In an early review of the new Mexican movie "For Greater Glory," about the 1920`s Cristero War in Mexico, San Francisco Chronicle film critic Mick LaSalle complained the movie, "casts three dark-haired, 35-year-old actors with the exact same mustache and expects the audience to know who`s who at all times."  You know— "they all look alike." Review: `For Greater Glory`, By Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle, (posted on MySanAntonio.com) Updated 04:51 p.m., Wednesday, May 30, 2012   Mr. LaSalle`s hatred of this pro-Catholic film apparently got the better of him. Either he or his editor realized this type of thinking is a no-no, especially coming from the paper of record in The People`s Republic of San Francisco.  The offending passage was deleted in a review that appeared two days later:  `For Greater Glory` review: senseless action. SF Chronicle, June 1, 2012.

They can try to atone now, but the original review is out there, showing that the Chronicle`s film critic thinks all Hispanics with mustaches look alike.

 “Louisiana Reader” visits the Rio Grande area two or three times a year. See previous letters from him here.

James Fulford writes: I was amazed by the amount of "moral gradations" and "ambiguity"  LaSalle [Email him] found in a movie about a government trying to suppress a church, writing

"Right after the credits, a paragraph fills the screen and explains the story: It`s 1926 in Mexico. Their president is trying to secularize the country, and people are opposed to him.

From a U.S. perspective, it`s difficult to know which side the movie favors. It`s only when the Mexican president (Rubén Blades) starts killing priests and slaughtering parishioners that we get the idea that he`s a tyrant. "

Would the "Mexican government`s attempt to stamp out the Catholic church" have not been tyrannical if it had been done with fewer murdered priests?