A Canadian Reader Regrets The Fact That His Country Is Abolishing Itself
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Re: F. Roger Devlin’s article Ricardo Duchesne: Canada Abolishes Itself

From: “Red Ensign Canuck” [Email him]

I read the above mentioned article published recently in VDARE with great sadness. As a “pure laine” white Canadian of British Isles descent and background my overall reaction and conclusion is we are done as a nation. Nonwhite immigration into Canada is accelerating due to federal government fiat and policy,  with no let-up in sight. It won’t be too much longer now (maybe about 20 years) when we become just another geographic area with many competing tribes fighting over the spoils.

The thing is, we did it to ourselves. For some inexplicable reason, white Canadians allowed this to happen without any pushback, any questioning of policy and there are a number of anecdotal reasons for this that I can touch upon.

First, we stopped having families and making kids to replace our population. The Canadian demographics profile for 2017 looks like this:

Population growth rate 0.74% (2016 est.)
Birth rate 10.3 births/1,000 population (2016 est.)
Death rate 8.5 deaths/1,000 population (2016 est.)
As the numbers above show, we are treading just above replacement level and in an industrialized first world welfare state that is a dangerous balance. If we are not having babies, how do we continue to pay generous benefits to the consumption class in this country?

Not seen in the numbers above is the racial/ethnic component of the birth rate—white women just don’t want children and have stopped having them. Period. The gap is readily filled by recent arrivals from the Third World hell holes on this planet that Canada has been importing at an unrelenting pace for over thirty years.

White people stopped having babies to replace themselves on a societal level because they literally and figuratively became fat and lazy towards procreation, the family, Christianity and their personal careers.

In regards to the workplace in this country, the degree of entitlement in today’s generation (and also to a good extent the Boomers) is shocking and soul crushing. Everyone, it seems, everyone, in Canada today wants all levels of government to manage their life, their personal affairs, the affairs of others and still put a chocolate bon-bon on their collective pillows at night.

Well, it costs money to do all that neat stuff and you need people to pay the taxes in order to afford to do all that neat stuff and immigrants are the only avenue left available to the government and business elites. White Canadians stopped working hard some time ago and the trend is accelerating towards dropping out and letting the next guy do the heavy lifting for Canadian society.

Government policy in Canada is to tax heavily the producing class and re-distribute the income to the consumption class. The consumption class is growing, If you lived in a  Third World hell hole, why wouldn’t you want to move to Canada where the federal government will give you extravagant tax free payments?

We’re talking some big money here, and immigrants know it very well—that’s why they are having babies at a rate that will supplant any feeble old stock Canadian response.

On a personal level, I am plugged into the South Asian community and the amount of anecdotal evidence on the above points that I hear on a daily basis is saddening as someone who gave a serious damn about this country at one time.

Roger Devlin’s essay, although out there for all to see will never be discussed in government, never discussed in the main stream media and never in polite society. As I said in the beginning, we did it to ourselves and destroyed the legacy of our forefathers and the country they built in the northern wilderness of the North American continent. There was never really anything wrong with the old Canada that we had to go out and proactively destroy what was bequeathed to us by previous generations of hard working people…but we did it anyways.

The Canada I knew, the Canada I grew up in…is gone.

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