A Canadian Reader Points To A Clip Of Andy Griffith Talking About Virginia Dare
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From: A Toronto Reader [Email him]

By accident, I came across a video clip that might interest you. In a 1985 appearance on the David Letterman show, Andy Griffith talks about the four hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island. He mentions the birth of Virginia Dare.

He starts to talk about Roanoke at 6:40 of the video. The segments lasts about a minute and a half. Now we know Andy Griffith was a white nationalist.

program_1952_lost_colony_andy_griffith_sir_walter_raleighJames Fulford writes: Of course he was a white nationalist! Everyone turns out to be either a white nationalist or racist, if you examine America's past.

North Carolina native (and Roanoke Island resident) Griffith  was on the America's 400th Anniversary Committee,  which the state of North Carolina set up in the eighties to commemorate Sir Walter Raleigh's attempt to establish a colony there. As a very young man, Griffith had got his acting start playing Sir Walter Raleigh in the local play of The Lost Colony.

As the reader notes, Andy Griffith not only mentions the birth of the first child of English parents, but also mentions the historic first Protestant baptism in North America--of the local Indian convert Manteo. That's not the kind of thing you usually hear on a talk show.



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