A Canadian Reader Names Brenda Walker "One Of The Best Immigration Writers In America"
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From: Tim Murray (e-mail him)

Let me share the message that I just sent out to my network of those concerned about immigration and overpopulation:

Brenda Walker's column about Father Pat Bascio confirms two things.

First, Walker is one of the very best immigration analysts and writers in America. She and Steve Sailer are at the top of my list.

Second, there are Catholics out there with more brains than 99 percent of atheists and agnostics. Common sense does not wear a badge like "Agnostic," "Humanist," "Christian," "Progressive," or "Conservative."

People who work within very different ideological frameworks can have a grasp of what sustainability and carrying capacity mean.

And otherwise rational people with a scientific world view can be phenomenally blind and stupid about our population and immigration crisis. We can't write off whole categories of believers.

Who knows, Father Pat Bascio may have a better handle on the threat of overshoot or open borders than Richard Dawkins.

One day, I hope to shake Walker's hand to congratulate her for her contributions to our collective cause including her excellent column Redwoods or Immigrants?: That's America's Choice On Earth Day 2007

Walker's work on that piece made me realize that I am not insane. At least one other person in North America understands that cultural diversity comes at the cost of biological and ecological diversity.

Murray is a Director of Immigration Watch Canada and Vice President of Biodiversity First. He blogs at Canada The Sinking Lifeboat, is a member of Optimum Population Trust UK and publishes frequently on the Australia website (We) Can Do Better.

An avid hiker and conservationist, Murray lives on Quadra Island, British Columbia where he is currently working on an anthology tentatively entitled "Overloading Canada: The Ecological Case Against Mass Immigration" His most recent VDARE.COM column about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is here.

Brenda answers: My thanks to Tim for his kind words. To be considered in the same category as Steve is high praise.

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