A Canadian Reader Gets An Ironic Email About Detroit
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From: A Canadian Reader (Email Him)

This was forwarded to me by someone on The Slavic and East European Languages and Literature Mailing list. (Reproduced in its entirety because it’s not on the web.)

Note the irony:  “a moderator that facilitated a discussion about stereotypes in Detroit,” followed by  “(Secure, gated parking is available.)” Could it be that some of the stereotypes are true?

Dear SEELANGS Community, 

I would like to extend an invitation to an event that may be of interest to Detroit-based members.

What: Screening of "My Perestroika (2010)," Followed by Behind-the-Scenes Q&A with Director Robin Hessman

Where: The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. 1457 Griswold Street, Detroit.

When: Film scheduled to begin at 630 PM

Who: Post-Soviet Graffiti + Cinema Tov: Detroit Jewish Film Lab

More about Cinema Tov:

Cinema Tov: Detroit Jewish Film Lab is a year-round series of monthly film screenings in Downtown Detroit. Each new film addresses a different aspect of Jewish identity through a unique lens.

The Cinema Tov team has worked tirelessly to craft a film series that seamlessly transitions from pre-war Polish Jewry to African Jewish struggles, from the interactions and tensions between the black and Jewish communities of America to the practice of religion in the Soviet Union.

Each screening is followed by thoughtful programming that complements the message of the film. We have brought in an internationally-renowned musician that sings about Jewish collective memory in Berlin, a moderator that facilitated a discussion about stereotypes in Detroit, or a speaker that was willing to share stories of her Jewish childhood in the Soviet Union.

The primary goal of Cinema Tov: Detroit Jewish Film Lab is to to create and reinforce a strong community based on open-mindedness, learning, and cultural tradition. We hope that you can join us!

Email Alexis Zimberg at info@PostSovietGraffiti.com  with additional questions.

(Secure, gated parking is available.)

Best regards,


Alexis Zimberg


Events / Writing / Research



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