A Canadian Conservative Gets A "Happy Holidays" Card From His "Conservative" Prime Minister
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From: Wayne Goodfellow [Email him]

You have no idea how betrayed I feel having supported and voted for a man that I thought represented true or small “c” conservatism in Canada. Now I am totally disillusioned and will never again trust the words of any politician that cannot be independently verified by deeds. I say a plague of all their houses because I have only contempt for almost all politicians with a very few notable exceptions.

Below is the Happy Holidays card sent by Prime Minister Harper. The card has no meaning for me and could represent any of the many holidays in Canada over the year, such as the summer holidays. Apparently Mr. Harper doesn’t appreciate that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ which has been traditionally recognized by the “Merry Christmas”. Perhaps Mr. Harper doesn’t understand that Canada is part of Christian Western Civilization or he is not interested in preserving bedrock traditions of our civilization, despite the fact he is leader of the (non-) Conservative Party. The other possibility, which seems most likely, is that he not a conservative al all but a neoconservative which, as we all know, is the polar opposite of a true conservative. The word “conservative” has been hijacked by “neocons” to deceive true conservatives.

Happy Holidays card sent by Prime Minister Harper.

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