A California Reader Says The Las Vegas Shooters Were Fueled By Meth, Not Politics
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Meth isn't even mentioned in stories about the Meth head murder rampage in Las Vegas.

See  ABC’s  Las Vegas Cop Killers Were Husband-Wife Team, By Ryan Owens, Lawrence Dechant And Mark Mooney, ABC, June 9, 2014.

It wasn't meth induced psychosis that triggered the murder spree but the Tea Party and the Gadsden flag.

That's the MSM narrative, not druggy felons with guns.

Most stories I’ve seen completely deleted the meth reference. Instead,  the Tea Party and Bundy ranch get the blame.

[VDARE.com note: Apparently, the citizen activists supporting Cliven Bundy recognized that the Las Vegas shooters were dangerous, and kicked them out—see The Bundy Affair – Vetting the Millers, By Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom, June 9, 2014]

If anybody should get the blame it should be the meth heads and their suppliers—people like immigrant entrepreneur Ye Gon and money launderer partner Sheldon Adelson.

Here’s the relevant passage from the New York Daily News:

Brandon Monroe, 22 — who also moved to the complex in the past few weeks — told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he avoided the couple, who were in their late 20s, because they usually appeared to be high on methamphetamine.

Las Vegas cop-killing couple left swastika-stamped manifesto on officer's body, previously warned of Columbine killing: report, By Nina Golgowski , Joe Kemp, New York Daily News, June 9, 2014.

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James Fulford writes: If the deceased couple were petty criminals who spent all their time high on speed, then they didn't really need ideology to make them do something crazy. In this crime, I'm just waiting to see if any headlines say "Three White People Murdered in Las Vegas." But I'm not holding my breath as I wait.



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